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Our business is very simple - we can train your sales leaders and their teams to perform better. We provide bespoke inhouse training courses that provide insight and understanding into modern sales techniques. We open the box on the closed do-it-this-way techniques. Every company, every market and every sales professional is different - we provide the knowledge and the tools that unlock the value in your sales team.

All our training is personalised to the specific businesses we work with. We will spend time with your management teams to make sure that what we deliver is aligned with the specific goals and outcomes you need. We have a specific focus as a company - increasing the capability and value of your sales team through application of our knowledge, experience and hard work.


"You don't know what you don't know."

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The core of our business is our sales training. All our courses are tailored to the specific needs of your business and your team. Our training is focused around high potential individual contributors at all stages in their careers, from learning the essential skills. Our trainers, all former sale executives, have the skills and the knowledge in both sales and how to train sales people to boost the confidence, skillset and results of your teams.

Courses include: (click for more information)

Introduction to Sales
Essential Sales Skills
Advanced Sales Skills including Major Account handling

Most sales leaders are excellent sales people in their own right - however, that is not enough. Our sales leadership training focuses on the practical elements in leading a high performance sales team, and will enable a sales leader to provide his or her team with the focus and direction to achieve the right results.

Courses include: (Click below for more information)

Leading Sales Teams

Leading Sales Organisations

Planning a sales operation is a complex process, with a detailed understanding of many factors. Key issues are:

> How to assess and proritise target markets - who are you selling to?
> Process bottlenecks and scaling issues - what is the limiting factor that slows down your operation the most?
> Lead generation and conversion activities
> Risk assessment and managment - do you know the things that might go wrong?
> Planning and forecasting - how to make forecasts accurate and credible
> Organisation planning and scaling issues - how many people do you need? How many support staff do they need?
> Staffing issues - are you recruiting strongly and developing your team effectively? Are your team happy?
> Measurement and Metrics - are you measuring the right things? How do you know when you're winning?
> Managing growth - as teams increase in size or output, complexities appear
> Selling inside your business - how to write compelling business cases.

We will examine all aspects of your sales process - your plans, your organisation and your operating practices and provide you with a clear, unbiased view of what is working and what can be improved - and how to improve it. Following an initial 1 hour meeting, we would spend 1-2 days with you, analysing your procedures, results and plans, and observing the behaviour and performance of your sales organisation. We would then provide you with a clear set of recommendations to improve problem areas.

" The achievements of an organisation are the results of the combined effort of each individual" - Vince Lombardi


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